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Hot off the heels of the “Buddy Special”, Parkland Prints wants only 1 thing more than for you to bring your “buddy" to Canada

…For you to bring them to Canada in June!

April showers bring May flowers and June is the direct beneficiary.  Manitoba, the center of the Country, beckons with a host of natural sights, sounds and colours in the summer months.  Our 100,000+ lakes practically beg you to “take a dip”, while the fish just under the surface are in vast abundance.  A host of natural outdoor attractions await, whether your interest be camping and kayaking, or regional cultural events and attractions.

Yesterday was April fools day, but today is all Business here at Parkland Prints.  Book your June excursion to the Province of Manitoba DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL and receive 30% for you AND the rest of your party.  

Don’t hesitate, create your Keystone Province get-away TODAY!

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In England they’re called “mates”.  In Mexico? “Amigos”.  Russia? “Comrades”.

Here in Canada we call close friends “buddies”.  A good buddy is a special thing.  Let us unveil our “Buddy" special, please keep reading for more info…

Spring has sprung early in Central Canada and regardless of weather the groundhog saw it’s shadow, these record-high temperatures cannot be ignored.

Parkland Prints is currently offering a packaged deal for you and your “plus one” (be it work colleague, spouse, or “buddy”).  Plain and simple, it’s even more incentive for you to come enjoy this un-seasonably warm weather in Canada this spring and summer.  

What we offer:

-1st person pays regular fee

-The “buddy" half of the equation pays half price

-Your Canadian experience remains FULL VALUE 

Please call 1-(204) 390-0351 (North America)

or: 001-204-390-0351 (International) for more information, or send a message at:

Please quote the “Buddy Special” in the “Subject” box on our Contact Page.

Let us show you all of what there is to discover:

Hello World!

Your favorite Canadian tourism experts here at Parkland Prints take great pride in unveiling to you, the debut of our new cutting edge website!  We wouldn’t have put in the effort if the result wasn’t going to be significantly better for you the client…easier to navigate, more clear and concise language, an all-around better online experience, etc.  

In addition to the clean look and professional feel that you’ve come to expect, we’ve left no major social media stone unturned.  This is YOUR Parkland Prints and we’ve jumped at every opportunity for you, the client, to stay informed, share and connect.  Watch our videos on Youtube, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter…

…and of course, we’re going to continue to blog on this Tumblr thing until you’re sick of hearing from us.

The website isn’t the only thing around here that is up against a complete overhaul:  The first day of Spring is tomorrow and Parkland Prints will be ushering in the season with some new tour packages, specials and limited-time offers over the upcoming weeks.

We’re proud of this place we call home.  Let us show you around.

Discover Canada Now at: 

Sled dogs.

Wikipedia defines Ecotourism as “travel to fragile, pristine and usually protected areas that strive to be low impact and (often) small scale”. 

Experiential tourism is considered to be a practice where the client plays an active role in their experience, with major emphasis put on learning and personal growth. 

Parkland Prints is a year-round tourism service provider, located in the province of Manitoba, in the centre of Canada.  Reached by phone at his home office, founder Carter Hanke says he doesn’t necessarily want his business to be pigeonholed into either one of these categories.  “I’ve been finding lately that describing to people what Parkland Prints is not, has been easier than going through the infinite list of activities and programs that we actually do provide” says Hanke.  “As long as you call us, you can call us whatever you want” he jokes.  “We just want you to have a great experience with us…an exceptional experience”.

Parkland Prints specializes in all-inclusive, customized packages, targeted to small groups, (ex: couples, families, corporate retreats, etc). Most of their focus is heavily rooted in both the cultural and historical significance of the area.  As stated on their Facebook page, Parkland Prints works “with rather than for” the client, collaborating and developing organically the experiences that best suit the individual’s interests and aptitudes.

Hanke seemed more at ease while describing the motivation behind the name of his business.  “I went with Parkland because it’s the Manitoba Region that I call home and where we offer a lot of our services”.  “Parkland to me, also conjures up a mental image that ties in nicely with our international identity” he quips.  “Canada is known for it’s nature, as being a largely uninhabited, gigantic landmass of a Country, with an abundance of waterways, agriculture and, well; Parks, of which we have 38 National, 50 Territorial and over 1,000 Provincial”. 

“The Prints part of the name has deeper meaning as well” Hanke quickly points out.  “We were founded in Dauphin, the largest City in the Parkland, which is named after the title given to the eldest son of the King of France, or essentially, the Prince”.  “The word Prints also has other significance, as we trek all over this great Province of ours with this business, we create footprints on the earth and as a direct result, leave lasting impressions with our clientele”…eloquently put if I do say so myself. 

Far from royalty, however, this “Prints” definitely has a dominion worthy of visits from Dukes and Duchess far and wide.  Book your tour today!

All-Inclusive guided Canadian travel